WRC is a Malaysian Crude Coconut Oil and Copra Meal

WRC is a Malaysian crude coconut oil and copra meal producer based in Selangor. With 3 acres of land, our mill has the capacity to produce over 1,000mt of crude coconut oil and 500mt of copra meal monthly. Currently, our two existing copra mills in Papua New Guinea yield a monthly production capacity of up to 5,500mt of crude coconut oil and 2,750mt of copra meal.

Years in the industry

Our coconut plantation in East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea, was established in 1930. With our production facility at the waterfront of Madang Harbour & Rabaul, it enables us to operate with optimum value chain capabilities.

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Tall Tall Varieties
of Coconut Trees

Active Certified

Product Source

Our copra is mainly imported from Solomon, Vanuatu and Indonesia.

In order to retain the consistency of our Crude Coconut Oil and Copra Meal, we prioritize sustainability whilst ensuring the quality of our imported copra.

Factory Equipment

To ensure the efficiency of our production, all of our factory equipment is from trusted mill manufacturer brands,  Anderson Equipment & Muar Ban Lee. 

Our factory in Puchong, Selangor has fully equipped with the latest Screw Expeller, Copra Dryer, Oil Filter, Hammer Mill, and Automatic Bagging Machine from MBL & 33” Twin Motor Super Duo Expeller from Anderson Equipment. The machines run for 24 hours to maximize output.

Our Commitment to Product Quality.

We strive to produce products with the highest food safety standard, which is safe for human and animal consumption.

Our Priorities: Safety, Quality and Productivity

Our Promise

Dedication & Reliability.

We are fully dedicated to our profession, the quality of our products, and the services that we provide.

Manufacture Process

Crude coconut oil and copra meal are the by-products of dried copra.

At the beginning of the process, fresh imported dried copra will be cleaved & chopped. 

It will be transferred & cooked at a high temperature to kill any microbiological activity and remove any enzymes or germs that may have been present. 

The hot-cooked copra will be pressed using two-stage screw expellers to obtain crude coconut oil & copra cake. 

In order to obtain a copra meal, the copra cake will then be solvent extracted to decrease the yield of oil.

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