Manufacture Process

Crude coconut oil and copra meal are the by-products of dried copra.

At the beginning of the process, fresh imported dried copra will be cleaved & chopped. 

It will be transferred & cooked at a high temperature to kill any microbiological activity and remove any enzymes or germs that may have been present. 

The hot-cooked copra will be pressed using two-stage screw expellers to obtain crude coconut oil & copra cake. 

In order to obtain a copra meal, the copra cake will then be solvent extracted to decrease the yield of oil. 

The entire process in our mill is semi-automatic, as we are equipped with the latest Screw Press Technology to produce consistently high-quality products efficiently.



Anderson 33” Twin Motor Super Duo Expeller

is ideal for capacities of 10-30 tons per day on difficult-to-process copra. The unique dual-pressing design allows for the lowest possible residual oil levels in a single pass.

MBL Copra Expeller

uses screw press processing technology refined and enhanced by our engineering and technical team. It is an all-in-one machine that crushes and presses copra or Coconut, followed by efficient oil extraction.

MBL Copra Expeller

consumes less power with low steam consumption and low maintainence cost.

Shipping Process

Coconut Oil

Road tanker for local/Flexibags or ISO tank for Export

We ship our Coconut Oil locally
through a road tanker and export it with flexibags or ISO tank.

Copra Meal

Packed in 25kg – 40kg
PP bags

Our copra meal will be packed in 25kg to 40kg Prolypopylene bags depending on the client’s request. Bagging Facilities Available.


Export Locations

We export our crude coconut oil and copra meal globally.

Existing Clients

We are also exporting to the following countries :-

Coconut Crude Oil

Copra meal


What other services do we provide?

We provide in-house shipping for all your shipping arrangements, allowing fast & efficient delivery direct to your designated location.

Purchasing Process

012-621 7356

(Mr Sugesvarran)

Direct purchase

at the factory in Puchong, Selangor.


Other Services

We provide custom bagging packaging for copra meal, bagged from 25kg up to 40kg.